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First Visitor!

24 June, 2007; 20:37 Leave a comment Go to comments

Say Hello to Deborah! My former graduate school colleague from UC Davis, and now fellow transportation academic, wins the prize for first visitor, making a trip here for three days on her way home to New York after some business in Kenya (makes perfect sense, right?). It was a welcome dose of Americanism after my initial three days’ shock of Sweden, knowing that this time Sweden is home. Seriously, it was a bit rough for those first few days, especially between the jetlag, the light midnight skies (making it harder to recover from jetlag), and the overwhelming deja-vu from returning here after three years away. But by the time Deborah got here Thursday, I had just made it through my first full night of sleep and was ready for some serious city-walking.

What’s more, this was Midsummer Eve weekend, which means that all the Swedes seem to disappear with their families into the country, beaches, and the archipelago for days-long parties. Not having been here nearly long enough to get invited to one, it was great to take on the weekend in another way: showing it to Deborah in full-on tourist style. We toured my favorite building, City Hall, and spent Midsummer’s Eve in the Skansen open-air museum/park, where there were demonstrations of traditional music dancing around the Midsummer Pole (like a May Pole).

If you look at the photo to the right, it may look like the skies are fairly grey outside. Well, you’re right. But this is one of those typical glass is half-full or half-empty things, as Deborah is demonstrating with her wine. First, you might notice that it isn’t sunny like you might want on Midsummer evening. In fact, it was downright rainy on Saturday, Midsummer Day! Dismal weather, I tell you, and Deborah had really bad luck with her timing. But then there’s the half-full side of things: you see, that photo was taken at 9:30 p.m., and although it was cloudy, there was plenty of light still up there. At 1 a.m., roughly the darkest point, the sky above is twilight blue.

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  1. Janet Franklin
    26 June, 2007; 18:26 at 18:26

    So, it looks like you have red walls in your salon. How is the decoration of the apartment? Can you live with it? Can you personalize it at all, or is it pretty well furnished as it is?
    I am so glad you had a visitor. Had you been to Skansen before? I am trying to picture where the dancing would be held. I enjoyed walking around it even though it closed early due to the time of year.
    I am resisting going up to my room. I have cleaned out some shelves and drawers, but could get bulletin boards more ready for the beginning of school. I am looking into flights to Minneapolis for Aug. 18 – 25th. momomomxoxoxox

  2. Andrew
    26 June, 2007; 18:56 at 18:56

    Can I be the second? 🙂

    Congrats on the position, and it’s good to see that things are working out well! I’m looking forward to visiting.

  3. Andrew
    26 June, 2007; 18:57 at 18:57

    Damn… I’ll have to be third after your brother and mom, I guess…

  4. 26 June, 2007; 19:00 at 19:00

    Andrew and others: you can still be the second to visit! My mom visited in 2004, and the count started over for 2007. And my brother’s visit was postponed, so there’s still time.

  5. 26 June, 2007; 19:15 at 19:15

    When will you visit the Ikea birthplace?

  6. 30 June, 2007; 7:01 at 7:01

    wow! is that your new place? you’re so swedith. congratulations on making it there!

  7. 30 June, 2007; 7:02 at 7:02

    wow! is that your new place? you’re so swedith.

    and congratulations on making it there!

    Kari xx

  8. 30 June, 2007; 7:03 at 7:03

    yeah, right, so go on and delete/ignore one of those.

    in the meantime, look how many comments you have!!

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