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On TV right now is a report on something I was about to write about anyway: boule! Same thing as bocci, actually, it’s a very common park game in summer time in Stockholm, and there seem to always be a few people playing in Mariatorget, the main square of my neighborhood (and the neighborhood’s namesake).

On a normal day, Mariatorget is quite a lot of activity – there are a few cafes with outdoor seating fronting the edges of the park, there are always a few people walking their dogs or hanging out on the parkbenches, and in the center, there’s a fountain with a statue of Thor, wielding his hammer to slay the sea serpent Jörmungandr.

Last Thursday, there was a lot more activity: some new shelter-structures, covering an outdoor seating area for the Brown & Black Pub; a small riser of bench seats next to a boule-court, bordered by wooden slats; and a whole lot more people than normal, all playing or watching boule. A poster nearby explained that this was the first day of an 11-day boule tournament. And the appearance of my neighborhood on the nightly news makes me think this is no small event for Stockholm, though it is very casual. The final match is on Sunday at 1pm.

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  1. galavantista
    11 July, 2007; 10:40 at 10:40

    Lawn bowling!

    We’ve got it here, too, but here we do it… on a lawn. Bollocks the drought.


  2. Patrick Gilroy
    12 July, 2007; 18:39 at 18:39

    I was always more partial toward lawn jarts.

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