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BBQ in Bergshamra

14 July, 2007; 19:00 Leave a comment Go to comments

Oh wow, has it really been almost two weeks since I last wrote in here? Hmm…well, there are no good excuses, I guess it took less time than I expected for the summer to become busy. Part of the reason is that I’ve been successful finding a few other foreigners who live in Stockholm (and, hence, don’t have these big pre-established social networks that native Swedes have). I first met up with them through a Meet-Up group for North American Expats in Stockholm that had just recently formed, so they hadn’t run out of steam yet like many groups like this do. (Actually, I think it’s just that social groups quickly grow out of Meet-Up: once a number of people find each other and start hanging out together, and they find that they don’t need to meet any more new people and they already have each others’ phone numbers, so there’s no need for Meet-Up any longer…that hasn’t happened yet with this Meet-Up group, but I’m guessing after a year it will.)

All this to say that I’ve been getting out more. And sometimes I bring my camera. But tonight I’m doing laundry, so I’m stuck at home. So here some pics from a BBQ held by one of the folks from the Meet-Up group: Christina, a German who lives in Stockholm and is planning to move back to London (got it?). On with the pics!

Some folks from the BBQ…most are graduate students at University of Stockholm:

From right-to-left…me, Christina, and Florian, a friend of hers visiting from London:

A BBQ party from the perspective of the BBQ grill itself:

A quick note: You might notice that this entry is backdated: it looks as if I wrote it on July 14th, but if you’ve been paying attention, then you know that just can’t be true, there was nothing about a BBQ yesterday! Well, I make a habit of dating these entries by the date that the event happened, instead of the date I wrote about it. There’s usually an easy way to see when I’ve done that: the “minutes” part of the date-stamp will be “00”, just like it is on this entry. Now you know, and knowing…

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