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Badges of Honor

28 July, 2007; 22:00 Leave a comment Go to comments

On Saturday I was awarded two badges of honor. The plan for the evening was to meet up with a few friends at Stureplan, then go out clubbing — the first time I’ve been clubbing in Stockholm, in fact! So: the plan was to have a few drinks somewhere else, then to the Blue Moon Bar, which is not nearly one of the high-end clubs, but is meant to be fun nonetheless. …

The first badge of honor came just moments before I met up with my friends: I had my first bicycling accident in Stockholm (oh, did I mention? I got my bike! Really, my bike, from Seattle! My shipment came. Should’ve written a post about it, I suppose. But I didn’t.) Where was I? Yeah, the accident: I ran into a taxi. Yes, _I_ ran into the _taxi_. What can I say, the taxi didn’t signal, and all of a sudden it moved over to the right into the bike lane and started turning, and I could do nothing. Anyway, it was just a minor scrape, but bound to happen sooner or later.


Later, after the early drinks (at an extraordinary rooftop bar at the Scandic Hotel Stureplan, in case you find yourself in Stockhlm), and after a short wait in line for the Blue Moon, we got up to the front of the line. When we were next to be allowed in, the bouncer asked how many, but also had a longer conversation in Swedish with one of my companions (who is Swedish), in which they looked first at her feet, then a moment later at my feet. Next thing I knew, the bouncer unhooked the rope and showed us out from the line, not into the club but back to the street. It took me a moment to really comprehend what had just happened,…but we were just rejected from a nightclub! Because our shoes did not meet the dress code! I had heard of this before, but I have to say I never really understood until it happened to me, that a bouncer had just evaluated me on aesthetic grounds and rejected me. This is a totally foreign concept. Maybe in New York or LA this could happen to you, or maybe at a fine restaurant. But not this night club. Furthermore, I sort of thought my shoes were cool. Not formal, but at least sort of stylish.


Eh, maybe not…

The flip side is that straight after we left the queue for the Blue Moon Bar, we went to Humlegården, the summer outdoor installation of Spybar, possibly the trendiest bar in town. At Humlegården, we walked right in without batting an eye. Take that, Blue Moon.

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  1. Paul Franklin
    2 August, 2007; 17:02 at 17:02

    It’s good to know you welcomed your bike so thoroughly! What did the taxi driver think of it all?

    (and, um, nice shoes!)

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