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FIBA World Championships

7 August, 2007; 11:53 Leave a comment Go to comments

How did I miss this???

Combining basketball, one of my favorite spectator sports (this white man certainly can’t jump), with both my home country (USA) and my adopted country (Sweden), and with a less-well-known European capital with which I’m somewhat familiar (Bratislava, Slovakia), two days ago the USA and Sweden national women’s basketball teams played each other in the 2007 World Championship’s Final, held in Bratislava.

What did not come as a surprise was the result: USA won the championship. But the margin of victory was a bit surprising: 99 to 57. Ouch. That’s so harsh—and it feels so imbalanced going in—that I just can’t celebrate that victory (at least, not openly). But Sweden has much to be proud of: they were ranked 25th going in, and had to pull off several upsets just to get the chance to play the US in the Final.

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  1. Patrick Gilroy
    7 August, 2007; 22:31 at 22:31

    Wow. How could one even think of celebrating such a lop-sided victory!

    (squeals inwardly with glee)

    I mean, really.

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