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Skype Number

23 August, 2007; 14:50 Leave a comment Go to comments

tap0004651g.jpg I have a new phone number…in addition to my mobile number. This one is on Skype, and it’s a USA phone number:

1 (408) 91605731

(For those of you copying-and-pasting, be sure to remove the hidden zero.) And, it’s easy to remember! Just take the first two cities from the title of my blog, enter their area codes in sequence (for the lazy gits among you: San Jose = 408, Sacramento = 916), then dial “JPF1”. My Skype number is in fact a San Jose area phone number.

Now, the catch to the Skype number is that most of the time it will call my computer. And there’s always a chance that my computer will be off, or I will be away from it. But there is voicemail, so if you leave a message there, then I can reply by Skype (and it’s much cheaper for you to leave a voicemail on Skype than on my mobile phone).

Happy dialing!

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  1. Paul Franklin
    24 August, 2007; 3:46 at 3:46

    hey, so what’s your skype *name*? (mine is pdfsea)

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