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New Address on Hornstulls Strand

29 August, 2007; 12:48 Leave a comment Go to comments

husexportliten.jpgI have moved into my long(er)-term home! I now live back in Hornstull, the same neighborhood where I lived in 2004, but this apartment is quite a bit nicer than that one, in that now I’m on the top floor of my building, I have a view over the waterway between Södermalm and Liljeholmen, and in the ground level of my building is one of Stockholm’s only two remaining one-screen neighborhood cinemas, Kvartersbion.

huset-1892-marked.jpgInterestingly, I just did a web search to find a photo of my building (shown above left), and not only did I find that photo, but also an entire web site devoted to my building, Hornstulls Strand 1! A short history explains that the building was built around 1882 and underwent major renovations in 1943-45, and at right you can see a photo from 1892, on which I’ve marked my windows with a blue circle.

My new address:

Hornstulls Strand 1, 4tr
SE-117 39 Stockholm

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