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Fresh-Fried Herring

9 September, 2007; 18:15 Leave a comment Go to comments

Food-blogging is on order for today. There is a small food-stall permanently ensconced at Slussen, which is the midpoint of Södermalm’s (the south island) north shore where the central bridges connect to the rest of the city to the north. On this particular day I had a bit of time to kill and I was starving, so I finally tried it out. The sign says “Nystekt Strömming”, which means Freshly Fried Baltic Herring. The dish includes not only the herring, but also some mashed potatoes, crisp-bread, marinated-cucumber, and a cole-slaw-type salad. I can’t remember the exact price, but it was something like 35 crowns, very cheap for a somewhat well-balanced, and very tasty, meal. Best part is, it’s right along my bike ride home. I’ll certainly stop again.


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  1. Patrick Gilroy
    10 September, 2007; 20:22 at 20:22

    Any tasting notes? Did you detect notes of brine, or overall fishiness? What was the marinade on the cucumber slices???

    Inquiring stomachs want to know!

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