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Mysterious Knittings

9 September, 2007; 18:15 Leave a comment Go to comments

KnittaYou may remember that during my first week back to Stockholm, Deborah visited for the midsummer long-weekend. One thing she noticed was a band of knitting around a strairway’s handrail, just a block away from where I lived. We noticed another one, one more block away, knit onto a busstop pole.

Then I forgot about it for awhile, except for one time when I was locking my bike to a railing at Kungsträdgården (shown in the photo). But still no indication of what they might be all about.

Well last night I got a clue (so to speak): during the Sweden-Denmark Euro Cup 2008 qualifier game last night (0-0 by the way, which means Sweden is almost certainly going to the Euro Cup next year), there was a public service announcement that showed photos of these knittings, and they interviewed someone from Houston, TX about it. Unfortunately, it was far too loud in the bar for me to even hope to get the real story. But today, with a little Google sleuthing, I found it: it’s a movement called Knitta Please, which did indeed start in Houston (I’ll let you click-on to the web site to read about it yourself). Well now, mystery solved, I can finally get some sleep!

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