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Sweden is out, USA moves on

18 September, 2007; 15:23 Leave a comment Go to comments

sp4.jpgSweden managed to win against North Korea, but not by enough goals to win the tiebreaker so North Korea marches on instead. Sweden must be kicking themselves for letting Nigeria tie-up their game in the last 10 minutes one week ago!

Meanwhile, the US won against Nigeria today on a goal they scored in the very first minute (second-fastest goal in Women’s World Cup history), leaving them at the top of Group B. This means they move on to face England on Saturday in the knock-out stage—far preferable to the powerhouse German team that North Korea will face.

I haven’t talked about Groups C and D yet, so here’s a short summary. In Group C, with games on Wednesday and Thursday (they should be at the same time tomorrow but the Shanghai and Hangzhou games were rescheduled on account of typhoon), Australia and Norway lead the pack with Canada right behind. Ghana no longer has a chance to move on. This week, Norway has the easier task against Ghana, while Australia will have a tough time keeping its slot from being taken away by Canada.

In Group D, anything could still happen but New Zealand’s chances are slim. Brazil is in the lead, while Denmark and hosts China are tied on points (Denmark ahead on goal-differences). Here, China has the easier game against New Zealand while Denmark faces dominating Brazil. Again, these games are Wednesday and Thursday.

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  1. 19 September, 2007; 19:54 at 19:54

    I watched the game US vs. Nigeria. I think US was very lucky to get that score. It could have been 0:0.

    How interesting it is North Korea advanced, instead of Sweden. In the US, it is so rare to hear anything about North Korea other than their nuclear plans.

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