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birthday in the neighborhood

29 September, 2007; 20:00 Leave a comment Go to comments

n722580912_355675_5846.jpgAs many of you already know, last Friday was my birthday. I had high hopes of a sneaking in a barbecue on my building’s roof patio on Saturday, but the weather served up one of the rainiest days of the past two weeks on exactly that day.

Instead, I celebrated by meeting a few friends at a bar in my neighborhood. Sounds simple, but it was an evening that stretched out in its own relaxed extravagance and hilarity in a way that makes the passing time seem irrelevant. (That is, until the bar closes down.)

Speaking of the bar, it also did its part: serving excellent food, a small but high-quality beer selection, and a groovin’ DJ. Not so fortunate is that they had Gamla Dansk in stock, and we had a Dane willing to order a round. It occurs to me that we had quite an international crowd: a Dane, a German, a Frenchman, 1 1/2 Swedes, and 1 1/2 Americans (one of these people has dual citizenship).

Some photos, courtesy of Christina’s camera. In the top photo: me, Christina, and Majsan.

Here, Jacob (with Christina, again)…


Manu and Daniel…


Hmm…OK, we can do better than that for Manu…


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  1. Patrick Gilroy
    8 October, 2007; 18:04 at 18:04

    Happy belated! I’m curious (for obvious reasons)… what sort of grooves were spun by the DJ?

  2. 8 October, 2007; 19:16 at 19:16

    Hmm, well it ranged from new hip hop to old soul…a little Nina Simone, a little 50 Cent. I wasn’t really paying close attention, though – one of the best things was that it meshed really well with the chatter throughout the bar.

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