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Speaking of “S” Cities…

5 October, 2007; 15:39 Leave a comment Go to comments

459.jpgI am working a bit late on a Friday…OK, not that late, but late enough to tune into KEXP (Seattle alternative radio) on the internet. Just five minutes in, a song came on that took me back across both space and time. Allow me to reminisce for a moment here: it was a warm spring day—must have been 1993—that I was eating lunch on the Quad at UC Davis, and a local Sacramento band set up to play the lunch hour in front of whatever students happened to be there. The band came on, and I was intrigued by them but not overly impressed. The sound system was pretty bad. But that didn’t matter for long…they were so dismayed by the unenthusiastic crowd that they packed up and left after only three songs.

Not long after, they played more of a proper concert, though again a free concert, at UC Davis’s annual spring festival, Picnic Day. This time I was impressed! They had a trumpet, which of course caught my attention, but it was an odd fit, playing in a flat style along with funk-style pop tunes on acoustic guitar and with a country-style lead singer. Anyway, to make a long story short, it wasn’t long before they made the big time. But they never got so big that you got too sick of them, so they’re still around (OK, maybe you got sick of them). I even saw them in concert just a few years ago, and their music seems to last.

I was reminded of all this because one of their very old songs came on the radio, one that they played back in 1993. I just had to marvel how that song has traveled through time and space from its origin in the early nineties in Sacramento, to a radio station in Seattle in 2007 that I just happen to be listening to in Stockholm.

Oh yeah, you must be wondering what band?


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