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Nobel Prize in Medicine

8 October, 2007; 10:06 Leave a comment Go to comments

And the Nobel Prize in Medicine goes to…


P.S. Here’s the announcement schedule for the rest of the prizes:

  • Physics: Tuesday, October 9
  • Chemistry: Wednesday, October 10
  • Literature: Thursday, October 11
  • Peace: Friday, October 12 (in Oslo)
  • Economics*: Monday, October 15

* Economics is not one of the original prizes set out by Nobel, and in fact its purse, which is equal in size to the others’, comes not from Nobel’s fortune but from the Bank of Sweden, which initiated the prize in the year of its 300th anniversary, 1968 (the other prizes date from 1901). While some consider the Economics prize to be the illegitimate bastard child of the bunch, it is certainly the most important one for people in my field. When I defended my dissertation proposal in 2005, one of my committee members pointed out that I had cited four different Nobel Prize winners (all in Economics). By the time I finished the dissertation, I counted again, and it had gone up to five:

I only point this out to say that I avoided economics for a long time, but obviously, somehow I got sucked in anyway!

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