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You’ve probably already read this somewhere, but this year the Nobel Peace Prize goes to the one and only…


Well, I couldn’t be happier! The efforts this man has gone through to put Climate Change at the forefront of global discourses are unbelievable. (more later…I’m going to lunch…)

UPDATE: OK, I’m back, well fed.

Now…how about a round of applause for someone who came back from a devastating defeat on the political stage to redevelop himself into a great man who stands apart from politics. Surely now the voices calling for him to enter the race for U.S. President will grow louder, but I honestly hope he doesn’t let himself get lured into such a miserable fate. Because to do that job, he would have to sacrifice so much of what he’s built up in the past few years, that I think he will be much more effective continuing to be the world-player he has already been. In one year and one month, we will have elected a new president, and if things go according to plan, it will be someone willing to work a bit more seriously against climate change. But that person will also have to be a pragmatist and a strategist, more so that Gore would probably be comfortable doing again.

One more comment: a colleague of mine mentioned during lunch that the Norwegian Nobel Committee (the body that decides the Peace award) has been especially unkind to the Bush administration with its picks over the past few years. Consider, since GWB went into office, we’ve seen:

  • Jimmy Carter, who has become a very vocal critic of the Bush administration (even if he backed off some of his comments),
  • Wangari Maathai, who collaborated on a publication with John Kerry in 2000,
  • Mohamed ElBaradei, who was opposed by the Bush administration for a third term at the International Atomic Energy Agency,
  • and now Al Gore…and you know the story there.

Moreover, Al Gore is now an Emmy winner (for CurrentTV), an Oscar winner (for An Inconvenient Truth), and a Nobel laureate. Can you name anyone else with those three accomplishments? And did I mention that he was once second-in-line for the presidency?


Paul Krugman’s cats seem to be doing a pretty good job of predicting this year’s Nobel winners…sort of.

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