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21 October, 2007; 12:00 Leave a comment Go to comments

bear_and_eagle.jpgOn Sunday, after the conference, I took the Amtrak back to Chicago to spend part of a day and a night in a bit more bustling of a city. Also on the train was Jenny, a fellow conference-goer and a Berkeley PhD student, who had a few hours to kill before her sister picked her up, so she stashed her baggage in my hotel room in Lincoln Park, and we went in search of some Mexican food — which was really at the top of my list of things to do while visiting the U.S. (isn’t it for every American ex-pat living in Europe?)….

While we were eating, we noticed some intermittent screaming from an open-air bar across the street. Then it dawned on me: of course, it was Sunday, in autumn, in America…that means FOOTBALL! And sure enough, the Chicago Bears were playing against the Philadelphia Eagles at that very moment. Only problem was, they were losing, 9 to 3. So the screaming was not happy screaming. But after we were done eating, we crossed the street to check it out. By this time, the fans were a lot more excited, though: the Bears had the ball, and they were in the Red Zone. Just as we took the first sips of our beers, quarterback Brian Griese connected with Muhsin Muhammad for a 15-yard touchdown, giving the Bears the lead 19 to 16. Just as I was looking at the scoreboard, I looked at the game-clock and realized that this game was over — the clock was down to 9 seconds!

So I didn’t get to see much American Football when in the US, but the 10 seconds I did see were pretty exciting.

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  1. Patrick Gilroy
    31 October, 2007; 22:21 at 22:21

    Nice pic! Very apropos.

    The good ol’ ‘Hawks are leading their conference right now, but I’m afraid that doesn’t say much since one of the other 5 teams in the conference hasn’t won a game since the season began.

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