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Superfat Tuesday

5 February, 2008; 8:13 Leave a comment Go to comments

Today is significant for two reasons: Super Tuesday and Fettisdag.

Fettisdag is literally equivalent to Mardi Gras, so Swedes eat semlor to symbolically use up all the fat and sugar in the kitchen before Lent.

Super Tuesday, which I assume you know about. I just came from voting on my way to work this morning, at the out-of-place Tully’s on Götgatan (see photo). I didn’t really expect to vote, since I’m registered in Washington, which has an in-person caucus process sometime next week. But then I got an email from Democrats Abroad, reminding me to go vote this week. (I must have signed up for them when I first moved here, then forgotten.) It seems the Democratic party awards some delegates to expatriates as a group.

Interjected Update: The Local reports on the expat election at Tully’s here. The article mentions all the press coverage there, and it’s true. I gave an interview for Swedish Radio, and as I was walking out, a camera crew was setting up. I’d say there were as many press as there were voters.

But since I hadn’t really expected to vote until I got that email, it’s really been a last-minute decision for me. And who did I choose, in the end?

Well, let’s just say I’m hoping my mother doesn’t disown me. At least I’m not in college:

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