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“mars galenskap”…

29 March, 2008; 18:13 Leave a comment Go to comments

…is Swedish for “March Madness.” (hmm…works a lot better with the alliteration, though.)

This year at the last minute, I entered a bracket pool for the NCAA men’s college basketball tournament.  We’re about halfway through it now, and I just want to take advantage of this opportunity to go on record that as of this point, out of 325 members of the pool, I’m leading the pack at #1.

Of course, if you look at the table closely, you’ll see that my lead is probably doomed. I picked Georgetown to get to the Final Four, but they were knocked out last week by this year’s Cinderella team, Davidson, and their star freshman, Stephen Curry. I can still get 2nd place, but I need everything else to go my way, the most important being that Memphis beats Texas. Or even better, if Davidson can keep this going and take out powerhouse Kansas tomorrow, I may still be able to keep the #1 spot. Go Wildcats!

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