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Oh, I did I mention that I moved again?

6 April, 2008; 12:20 Leave a comment Go to comments

I moved again! Three weeks ago. From my old neighborhood, Hornstull, to my new one, Norrtull. Both were locations of the ancient gates at the edge of the central city (and also, incidentally, two locations of the new congestion pricing toll points that I’ve mentioned before). I’ll write more later about this interesting building I’m in now, which is part of the Wenner-Gren Center. The short version is that the WGC was funded by Axel Wenner-Gren, founder of one of the great Swedish international corporations, Electrolux. The Center houses research foundations and some other office space, and also has somewhere around 150 apartments intended for foreign researchers based at one of the major academic institutions in Stockholm: KTH, University of Stockholm, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm School of Economics, as well as several smaller institutions….

Demand for these apartments is quite high, so of course there is a waiting list. I signed up for the waiting list as soon as I was offered my job, back in April of last year, so it took about 11 months to get to the front of the queue. But it was so worth the wait. Compared to my previous apartment in Hornstull, I’ve gone up from 27 square meters to 41, and because this is a subsidized apartment instead of a second-hand rental from a private person, I now pay 4400 crowns per month instead of 8000 (!). For those of you converting to dollars, I recommend using an exchange rate of 7 SEK/$ — yes, I know the rate is now more like 5.9, but when I moved last June, the rate was a lot higher, so that’s a better representation of how prices feel to me.

Incidentally, the photo above is taken from my balcony (oh yeah, did I mention I have a balcony?!?), looking out my windows toward my own kitchen nook, which juts out from the building a bit. The Swedish flag is flying because this was taken on Easter Sunday; other than that, I haven’t seen the flag up. Down to the left, you see part of the courtyard at the center of the ring of apartments.

More to come in later posts about the history of WGC, about the nearby parks, and about the massive construction project going right next door. So, stay tuned!

Lastly, my new address, as well as a new home phone number:

Wenner-Gren Center, Lgh B-32
Sveavägen 164B
113 46 Stockholm

+46 8 736098064
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