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A Glance Back in Time: Election 2004

20 October, 2008; 13:42 Leave a comment Go to comments

A Swedish friend of mine reminded me today of a long-sprawling email conversation that I (for better or worse) started the day after the Presidential Election of 2004 (otherwise known as the Great Despondence). Actually, now that I look back, that email conversation was actually instigated by a comment that the same Swedish friend made at the time. 

Anyway, my basic theme in my…well, rant, you could say…was that morals trumped issues in that election because the liberals did not talk about their issues in a way that demonstrated their strong moral foundation — even though I believed that that foundation was stronger than the moral foundation of conservatives’ positions.

It’s now a fascinating read, not least because it elicited some very insightful responses from various friends (shown in the comments section). It’s also interesting to see how things that I thought would become important never quite did, and how the history that has actually happened had a lot more to do with things that would have been difficult to predict, such as Katrina, the current financial crisis,…oh, and my own move away from American soil.

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