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Stockholm 2010

24 February, 2009; 12:09 Leave a comment

Green Wedges

We’re still getting used to 2009, and it already seems that 2010 is shaping to be a significant year for Stockholm, especially in light of two unrelated announcements today.

First, the wedding of Crown Princess Victoria, planned for summer of 2010, and second, the selection of Stockholm as Europe’s very first “Green Capital” for the year 2010 (followed by Hamburg, Germany, in 2011). The Green Capital designation is especially interesting in light of a planned large-scale exhibition (in Swedish) on sustainable cities by Färgfabriken, a center for arts, culture, and pressing social questions.

(Note: the figure at right shows Stockholm’s “Green Wedges”, areas of greenspace that reach very close to the inner city from several directions. I am lucky to both live and work right next to a couple of these wedges, but in reality, you’re never far from them, wherever you are.)

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