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Route for This Year’s Hike

10 July, 2009; 14:56 Leave a comment

This year’s backpacking objective. The blue line is the route, the yellow line is the Norway-Sweden border.

Padjelanta 2009

The route starts and ends on the Norwegian side at Sulitjelma, then takes us in a counter-clockwise loop around Sulitjelmaisen, glacier covering the mountain Suliskongen. Along the way, we walk along the alpine lake of Laomejávrre; southeast into Sweden to the mountain huts at Lairostugan, which border the larger lake of Bieskehávrre; turn north and up into the highlands next to the glacier; then down into the valley of the river Stalojåkkå.

From there, if we have time, maybe we’ll branch away northeast for a round-trip northeast to Staloluokta, at the edge of the huge lake Virihaure, which was our starting point for last year’s hike and where it might be possible to buy some fresh or smoked arctic char from the Sámi people living there. After we return to the valley, we continue southwest back into Norway. We’ll try to make a day trip somewhere along here up to see the even bigger glacier Blåmannsisen (“Ice of the Blue Man”), which is the fifth-largest glacier in mainland Norway. Finally, we continue southwest to Sulitjelma to finish the tour.

We’ve planned 7 1/2 days of hiking, and with travel up there and back by train and bus, I’ll be gone from July 19th to 28th. Up there, there’s no phone service, let alone internet. Time to get away.

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Study of Temporary Public Spaces: Ice Walking

8 March, 2009; 21:20 Leave a comment

Just a 2-minute walk from home is Brunnsviken, a bay of the Baltic harbor that is so cut-off, it feels more like a lake, and it freezes over just as easily as a lake. On a cold, sunny winter day, lakes and channels like these become public spaces in their own right, with people out for some walking, skiing, or skating. Or in some cases, to grab a hot dog.





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S:t Eriksloppet

2 September, 2007; 16:00 Leave a comment

Exactly two weeks after the Midnattsloppet, the 10K run I did, I was at my new home relaxing one Sunday afternoon, with my windows open, when I started to hear some cheering and some coordinated clapping from below. I looked down, and there was a stream of runners going right along Hornstulls Strand, my street! This, after the Midnattsloppet and the Pride Parade already went through my old neighborhood. This time, it was the St. Erik’s Run, Stockholm’s half-marathon. I swear, it’s them that are following me!


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18 August, 2007; 22:00 1 comment

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Some of you may remember that I had this crazy ambition, when I lived in Stockholm in 2004, of running the Stockholm Marathon. Having never done a running competition before. Well long story short, it only took a 13 km training run, 6 weeks into training, to halt my training for another 6 weeks due to a strained ligament in my knee, and this put my ambitions on hold.

Three years later, after coming back to Stockholm, I arrived in plenty of time to train for a more reasonable event: the Midnattsloppet — literally, Midnight Run — which is a 10 km run around the island of Södermalm, and going right through my neighborhood (much in the same way that the Pride Parade did). Along the way, I also recruited Christina, a recovering athlete, to run with me.

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Countries Starting with S: Switzerland, Part 2 (of 2)

12 August, 2007; 12:00 1 comment

Continuing on with the Zürich trip:

On Sunday and Monday, Sigrun and I headed for the hills…er, mountains, this being the Alps. But going to the mountains in Switzerland is nothing like it is in the U.S.: no need for tents, sleeping bags & pads, camping stoves, water filters, etc. Like Sweden, Switzerland has an extensive network of cabins where you can rent a bunk in a hostel-style room for a night or two, making hiking in the mountains an enormously more accessible adventure. But unlike Sweden, the cabins in Switzerland have hot water, electricity,…even a fully-stocked kitchen that served dinner and breakfast to the overnight guests.

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